Each community college in Massachusetts is governed by an 11-member Board of Trustees, which establishes policies necessary for the administrative management of personnel, staff services, and the general business of the institution. Each one of these 165 individuals — made up of community and business leaders, alumni, and students — has a profound responsibility to ensure success at their respective colleges.

MACC deeply appreciates trustees for their service to the college and the greater community. This commitment to students ensures that a community college education remains high-quality, accessible, and affordable for all residents of the Commonwealth. MACC is proud to work closely with community college trustees to advocate for the system to elected officials in both U.S. Congress and the Massachusetts Legislature. We see advocacy as an important part of the role of community college trustees. MACC helps to coordinate legislative visits and keep trustees informed on relevant policy activity in the U.S. Capitol and the Massachusetts State House, gain knowledge from best practices, and take action as trustees.

Also, see below for some highlights of previous legislative trips, as well as important resources from national advocacy organizations such as ACCT and AACC.

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