Online and Remote Learning

All 15 Community Colleges will be operating mostly online or remote this Fall semester with limited in-person classes running on the college campuses. The in-person classes mostly consist of courses with technical needs or lab components (e.g. health sciences and auto mechanics, etc.).

Online and remote learning at one of our 15 Community Colleges is a great option whether a student wants to enroll in a traditional academic degree program like engineering or nursing, or if they want to participate in short-term training programs such as IT, Certified Nursing Assistant or Manufacturing that can lead to a new job or career field in a relatively short time frame.

Prior to COVID-19, Massachusetts Colleges Online (MCO) was developed as a joint effort between the Massachusetts Community Colleges and the State Universities of Massachusetts to share their convenient and flexible online courses and programs with students. Explore the site and learn how Mass Colleges Online can help you begin or continue your higher education, improve your job skills, and expand your career opportunities. Learn more by clicking here.

As an additional resource, students might also have experience from a prior career or being in the military. The Community Colleges can evaluate that experience and skills to see if they align with course credit to get you even further ahead. Learn more here.

Start Here to Find Your Educational & Career Path

Guided Pathways to Success is a user-friendly online application that connects students with in-demand careers and job training through college courses and degree programs at the Massachusetts Community Colleges. Access the Guided Pathways to Success tool at