The Massachusetts Association of Community Colleges (MACC) actively pursues grant opportunities and other alternative sources of funding to further enhance the ability of schools statewide to serve a diverse array of people. These grants help MACC create programs that are integral to student success at the community colleges by ensuring that course curriculums are designed to feed into the most in demand fields, as well as ensuring that students stay on pathways to success while still enrolled. Some of the best examples of such programs are:

  • Guided Pathways to Success in STEM (GPSTEM)
    • A $20 million dollar grant from the federal government to assist the 15 community colleges in creating articulated pathways from the classroom, to in demand careers in STEM fields.
  • The Transformation Agenda
    • A $20 Million USDOL TAACCCT Grant awarded to a consortia of all 15 community colleges that ran from 2011- 2014