Christopher Campbell, North Shore Community College Student

Chris Campbell, North Shore Community College

My name is Chris Campbell, and I was born on May 8th,1991 with Cerebral Palsy. I am a full-time wheelchair user and nonverbal. I grew up watching cartoons, reading fantasy series, and playing video games. The lessons I learned from these different forms of media make me who I am today. This is why I will be majoring in Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy because I want to write books about morality in pop culture. One of my favorite hobbies is skiing at Loon Mountain. I use an adaptive ski called a sitski. In my free time I also enjoy going to comic book conventions with my friends. I am a member of PTK and the President of DaPi Honor Society, and I am graduating from NSCC in May 2021 with an associate degree in Liberal Arts. I am looking forward to studying at UMass Boston in the fall.