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Massachusetts Association of Community Colleges Brings on Director of Workforce Development

The community colleges continue to focus their attention on workforce development as the state faces economic recovery and an increased need for retraining opportunities

BOSTON – Today the Massachusetts Association of Community Colleges announced the hiring of Lisa Huyghe as Director of Workforce Development. Huyghe will serve as a primary point of contact for developing training and partnership opportunities between the community colleges and employers across the Commonwealth.

Huyghe comes to the role with a background in higher education after serving at Curry College for fourteen years, and brings experience developing partnerships with community colleges, businesses, and healthcare organizations to provide degree completion and training and development opportunities for a diverse group of student and employee populations.

“As we begin to recover from this pandemic and pursue economic recovery, higher education will be essential. Our state’s community colleges are ready to take on the important task of retraining and upskilling our current workforce using localized approaches that speak to the regional economies throughout Massachusetts,” said Huyghe. “I am excited to join MACC and create opportunities for the community colleges, employers, and our more than 136,00 students to be more visible, accessible, and successful than ever before.”

“We are thrilled to have Lisa joining the MACC team at a time when the importance of community colleges in helping rebuild our economy cannot be overstated. She is already working with our colleges to fulfill this critical community college mission, and ensure both employers and students are connected to high-quality training and education opportunities to meet the demand of employers across the Commonwealth,” said Dr. Tom Sannicandro, Director of MACC.

MACC works on behalf of presidents and trustees of the fifteen community colleges in Massachusetts, currently representing more than 136,000 students in every region of the Commonwealth. Massachusetts Community Colleges educate nearly half of all students in the Commonwealth’s public higher education system and serve the largest share of first-generation students, low-income students, and students of color.


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