Be Mass Competitive Workforce Training Initiative

The Massachusetts Association of Community Colleges (MACC), in partnership with the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership (MACP), is pleased to announce the “Be Mass Competitive” workforce training initiative. Candidates will receive specialized training and career-placement services leading to upwardly-mobile employment opportunities at some of the Commonwealth’s largest employers.

Prepared for Launch

Not many people can say they’ve worked on every U.S.-led rover mission to Mars. One who can is David C. Gruel, who graduated from Holyoke Community College (HCC) in 1991.

Five years out of HCC, Gruel was part of the Pathfinder mission that landed the Sojourner rover on Mars, the second Mars mission since the Viking became the first-ever U.S. mission to Mars in 1975.

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MA Community Colleges See Critical Investments in FY2021 Budget

The Massachusetts Association of Community Colleges announced that all the organization’s priority investments were included in the FY2021 state budget finalized by lawmakers in recent weeks. With the Legislature voting to override many higher education-related vetoes, the investments in the state’s community college segment were officially included and will play a major role in supporting the institutions and students across the state.