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on Wed, 11/21/2012 - 19:07


Industry Teams:
College administrators and faculty across the state are working as part of Industry Teams in each of the six targeted sectors to share information, data, insights and resources. These teams are working to develop competency models, career pathways and common curriculum as well as building partnerships with industry (to validate curriculum, develop internships and work experience opportunities). 

Open Educational Resources Team:
Faculty and staff from each college with expertise in online learning serve as point people to share information to license and share initiative curricular products. 

Evaluation Team:
Grant management staff, institutional research staff from each college and the Commonwealth Corporation, ensure that data is collected to measure student outcomes, such as enrollment, completion and job placement, and program implementation. 

College and Career Navigators:
Each community college has hired a College and Career Navigator to assist the target population to enroll in community college programs and access the services of the colleges and local One-Stop Career Centers

Readiness Team:
Faculty and staff of developmental education, ABE and technical programs worked with Education Development Center (EDC) to develop a set of 24 curriculum modules that link academic skills to realistic scenarios in the health care, advanced manufacturing, and information technology fields.

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