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Priorities & Strategies

on Wed, 11/21/2012 - 19:05


Priority #1:

Accelerate progress for low-skilled and other workers.

  • Contextualize learning that combines basic skills with specific career knowledge.
  • Improve student services such as career counseling, tutoring and job placement.
  • Redesign developmental education.
  • Enhance relationships with Community Based Organizations.

Priority #2:

Improve retention and achievement rates; reduce time to obtain industry recognized credentials, certificates and degrees.

  • Implement self-paced learning strategies, block scheduling and or modular curriculum.
  • Develop an articulation process that facilitates faster completion.
  • Implement curricular and instructional innovations such as learning communities.
  • Restructure course scheduling, offering convenient times and locations.

Priority #3:

Build programs that meet industry needs, including developing career pathways.

  • Implement earn and learn education models (co-op, internships, etc.).
  • Strengthen partnerships with employers.
  • Develop entrepreneurship training.

Priority #4:

Strengthen online and technology enabled learning.

  • Create and Implement a delivery mechanism that may be used in any of the above methodologies. Must be open source and universal design.

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